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Important Information for Patients

4 Reasons Why Our Patients Love Us


Your calls will always be returned promptly!

  • Your calls, texts, and emails will be answered within twenty four hours 
  • You will have the information you need to make confident decisions!


We work well with other providers to ensure the highest quality of care! 

  • Personal Trainers

  • Nutritionists

  • Physicians


You will work with the same therapist throughout your entire plan of care!

  • No Aides

  • No case sharing between clinicians


We will work with you to make sure you have a maintenance program in place!

  • Physical Therapy Maintenance for chronic conditions, and nagging injuries

  • Professional relationships with personal trainers for strengthening and conditioning

  • We never 'discharge' people because they have 'run out of visits'. We keep working until the job is done. 

The First Visit

At Judice Sports & Rehabilitation, we provide physical therapy services to residents in the West County area of St. Louis County, MO, where each patient’s first visit starts with a thorough assessment of your injury or condition.

A customized program of therapy and exercise is drawn up and discussed with you, and it is likely that you will receive the beginning of your treatment at this time.

Prior to your first visit, we will send you forms, via email, to fill out online. If you would prefer to have printed versions of these forms, we can provide this as well. 

Additionally, Missouri law states that we need a physician or comparable profession's referral before treatment can begin. 

We deliver our therapy with an emphasis on hands-on, one-on-one, evidence-informed treatments.

Please be sure that you are wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. Have a complete list of any prescribed or over-the-counter medications that you take regularly.


CareCredit health, wellness credit card

Whether it's a routine checkup or emergency surgery, you shouldn't have to worry about how to get the best medical care. That’s why we're pleased to accept the CareCredit healthcare credit card. CareCredit lets you say "yes" to recommend treatment and pay for it in convenient monthly payments that fit your budget.

CareCredit is the healthcare credit card designed exclusively for healthcare services with special financing options.* With CareCredit, you can use your card for all of your follow-up care as well as annual checkups.

Learn more by visiting www.carecredit.com or contacting our office. Ready to apply? Apply Online for your CareCredit card today.

*Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. Ask us for details.


Judice Sports & Rehab is not contracted with any insurance providers. We have found this to be a very good thing for you, the client. This means that we get to make clinical decisions with you, to help you most efficiently reach your goals. Being out of network allows us the freedom to make the best choice for you without requiring input from a third party.

Physical therapy is an investment in your health, and we expect you to get a significant return on your investment here at Judice Sports & Rehab. We invest in you and your health, as well as spending a full hour of one-on-one time each visit. This personalized care allows us to help you achieve your goals…freedom from pain, and freedom to live the life you want to live.


We will be happy to give many of our clients a detailed superbill, explaining the services provided, so that each client can submit a request for reimbursement from their insurance company.

Another option, is to use the app, Better, to submit your bills for reimbursement from your insurance company. The Better app was designed for private pay patients to get their money back from insurance for out-of-network care, and they aim to take away the burden of paperwork and dealing with insurance companies.

Signing up takes only 1-2 minutes: download the app, take a photo of your insurance card and superbills, and Better handles the rest- it's that simple! They will contact your insurance company for you, to determine your benefits and coverage, FREE of charge. 

They review each claim for errors and missing information and provide status updates for you as your claims process. They also verify that you are getting the best possible outcome from your insurance. 

They charge a service fee of 10% of the money that you get back from your insurance (once your check is on the way). If the claim goes towards your deductible or is otherwise ineligible for reimbursement, Better is FREE of charge.

Once you sign up with their app and send Better a photo of your insurance card, you can upload your superbills to simplify the reimbursement process from your insurance. Better will submit your superbills to your health insurance on your behalf.


By appointment. Call 636-686-0503 to book your appointment today.

"I haven't felt this good in a long time. I've been dealing with chronic neck and shoulder pain stemming from a car accident in '12. The therapists at Judice was able to help relieve some of the pain and give me a course of action gping forward to help continue the healing process." -Doug

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